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1 : 1
Winzavod Art Center
Moscow 2012
Curator : Arseny Zhilyaev

1 : 1 project is an epitomized sculpture of the terrain. The shape of the carving is not of a random location, but of a particulat place associated with my personal biography and memories.


The formal solution of the sculpture was designed after measuring the land, depleating a method that is often used to create cartographic drawings. By "borrowing" the form from a natural surface I recreate it as a structural sceleton of itself. Details and distinctions of surfaces, their texture and color are scrubbed, leaving geometrical purity. Material and visual qualities deprive the sculpture of its sensitive element and leave the mathematical accuracy of a technical operation. 


Over time the sculpture acquires new details, it is being covered by rust and traces of interaction. It is no more a representation of a memory, rather a representation of itself, gaining its own history and its own memory.



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