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Hitrovka Museum
of Contemporary Art


The project is situated at the only public square in Hitrovka, a 17th centuryresidential suburb in central Moscow on which the city administrationgranted permission for the constructionof a 25 story office block.However, after community actionin terms of a series of protests, theproject was withdrawn. Unfortunatelywork was simply abandoned and thesite is still closed to the public.

My project proposes a mixed culturalcentre that frees the site by buryingitself below the square. The necessaryprotrusions are then shaped to allowfor public use and free circulationalong existing routes that surroundthe site.



Moscow Institute of Architecture 2011
Fifth semester project
Tutors:  prof. O.R.Mamleev, prof. P.V. Romanov,
M.Arch Anna Gridushko
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