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Borovsk. New building for
the Elementary School


The building centres conceptually around the intersecting grid,  with programatic and formal repercussions feltat several different levels as a direct result of the forced intersection of two competing grids.

The historical grid implied across thesite through its relationship to the existing city and the overlooked river site juxtaposed to the ideal cardinal grid forced upon the project through regulatory mechanisms for the design of educational buildings, based on the ideal qualities of light for learning. (continue after images)

school facade.jpg
bird eye2.jpg
bird eye1.jpg
ground floor plan.jpg
first floor plan.jpg


Moscow Architectural Institute 2011
Fourth semester project
Tutors:  prof. O.R.Mamleev, prof. P.V. Romanov,
M.Arch Anna Gridushko


The roof of the ground f loor is then pedestrianised in terms of a greenroof that grants students and visitors an outdoor space, previously unavailable on the small site.

The double volume gymnasium shelters the green roof from the road behind, creating an more tranquil space where the visitor can either look out onto the river below or back into the gymnasium its self via the windows.

The building is finally clad in wooden slats that serve as multi-purpose tools;to form balustrades at the roof level, to control solar gain, and to soften and warm the normally hard exterior of the school.

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