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Vanishing Wall


Moscow Institute of Architecture 2013
Part of the Year of Germany in Russia events
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Werner Sobek, 
Prof. O.R.Mamleev, 


Aim of this project was to create an object that would symbolically blur the boundaries between two countries by encouraging people to engage in each others cultural heritage. Installed in a public space, the wall is designed to catch peoples attention and encourage interaction. The wall is built from a grid of transparent material, holding wooden inserts engraved with quotes from the German and Russian languages. As time goes by, the wooden inserts would be removed, leaving only just the transparent frame.

Over time, visitors slowly remove parts of the wall. The exhibition would in essence continue, blurring the time frame of the installation, as people exhibit the smaller fragments in their own way, kept as a memento, holding the memory of an event in their lives.

detail 2.jpg
detail 1.jpg
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